are the World’s First Smart Magnets

Polymagnets are the World’s First Smart Magnets

Create a sophisticated experience with Smart Magnet feel and function.

The Polymagnet catalog contains a variety of standard mechanical functions

spring, latch, align, snap, torque, hold, twist, soften or release

Use the Contact page to ask about design services for customizing the feel and function of catalog products

Where Polymagnets Came From

Correlated Magnetics’ co-founder and Chief Scientist, Larry Fullerton, was inspired by youthful imagination to create a self-assembling toy to spark his grandchildren’s interest in math, science, and physics. His idea was to shake a box with various pieces and parts that would assemble into a magnetic toy. Using his scientific background in the area of wireless communications, Larry explored creating the toy object by arranging magnets in patterns or “codes” borrowed from signal processing theory and creating complex magnetic fields. He eventually “encoded” specific magnets based on these experimental complex magnetic arrays and crafted the technology driving Correlated Magnetics Research today.

Why Polymagnets are Different

Think of Polymagnets® as programmable magnets. By combining many magnetic fields, CMR’s technology transforms ordinary magnets into precision-tailored magnetic systems we call Polymagnets. Polymagnets can do things no conventional rare-earth magnets can.

This technology is so unique, we’ve received over 100 patents.

The many different North and South regions on a Polymagnet are defined using our software tools and magnetized with Correlated Magnetics’ patented magnetizing process.

We Are Changing the World of Magnetism

The precisely engineered fields of Polymagnets enable a wide range of new functionality for magnets and new magnetic solutions – far beyond simple attract and repel. Polymagnets are lightweight and strong to support consumer technology innovations. There are thousands of uses in existing applications and Polymagnets open the door for new applications never before possible.